Private debt

A Profitable Asset Class in All Seasons

Attractive risk adjusted returns.
Higher yields don’t have to
come with greater risks.

Reliable and resilient income
stream exceeding returns from
fixed income alternatives.

Help diversify a portfolio with
loans that have a low correlation
to public markets.

Predictable and contractual
returns based on agreed
interest rates.

Lower risk than private equity,
since secured debt sits higher
than equity in capital structure.

Private debt strategies have witnessed an
unprecedented growth.

Fundraising in private debt strategies totalled $192bn in 2021

The only private asset class to grow
fundraising every year since 2021
including through the pandemic

10 year growth rate: 2011-21

CAGR to grow from 13.5% to
17.5% over next 5 years

Projected global private debt
AUM BY 2026

Meaningful portfolio diversification and
Reliable Income Stream

36% investors look to private debt
for a reliable income stream*

37% investors are attracted to its
high risk-adjusted returns, a unique
combination across private capital*

Private Debt Risk/Return Levels by Category

How It Works

Listing a CARAT

Listing a CARAT is the process of bringing only the top quartile of the
opportunities for our investors through deep due diligence and
considered structuring.


Issuer will indicate distribution intent on Solitaire platform to place its private debt or
structured product on the platform.

Legal vetting

Law firm will make a careful and critical examination of documents(e.g., Debt facility
agreement, MLAB, etc.) provided by lender on its intent, clauses, recitals, and risk
and provide a legal report to investment team.

Deal confirmation

Approval by investment committee to onboard the new deal

Listing on Solitaire

Deal is published on solitaire platform. the investment report will be available after
signing non-binding LOI. Private market specialist will be available to answer
investor’s queries.

Owing a CARAT

Owning a carat involves a few easy steps. The very first one is
to be invited to register.

Investor Onboarding

Investor is onboarded on Solitaire
platform after appropriate KYC
checks. Investors must be AI or

Deal Access

The Investor is able to view high
level details of all deal listed on
platform. He/She signs a non-
binding LOI to gain access to
detailed DD documents and
investor reports for the deal.

Invest Intent

Investor submits intent to invest
and proceeds to sign investment
documents. Investor transfers funds
according to instructions received.
Solitaire platform supports both
crypto and fiat-based subscription

Deal Allocation

At the end of subscription period,
investor receives tokens in his
wallet as a digital representation of
the underlying bond interest.

Premier Digital Platform for Recession-Resilient,
Proven Secondary Liquidity 

What’s in it for the investor

Secondaries offer a pullback alternative to investors, who
wish to exit their private market positions prematurely.

What’s in it for the buyer

Secondaries buyer capitalizes on the discounted net asset
value (NAV).

Structured Auction Process

Auction Offered Monthly

Connecting borderless smart capital to profitable
growth opportunities, worldwide